Information about the ProStarCoach e-learning software

Here is a link to a 4 minute overview video of the ProStarCoach package: ProStarCoach Overview Video

The package operates on an annual subscription basis.

It contains two sections of pre-loaded videos and other learning resources: 24 skills and 40 personal strengths.

You can add any resources that you like to the programme: videos from your organisation's intranet, publicly accessible video (e.g. YouTube resources), reading lists, etc.

It uses a reinforcement of learning approach, putting theory into practice.

It has a feedback package and it allows students to set up their own coaching networks.

The package is customisable with your organisation's logo.

The administrator of the software requires the Administrative Dashboard (£500 pa) and a subscription for one year for one student costs £200.

Contact us for further information: or 01202 240148