Survey evidence for your PMETB

Applying for registration with the Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board (PMETB) under Article 14 requires doctors who haven't followed the conventional specialist training route, yet have the requisite equivalent experience to be accepted on the register to work as a consultant in the NHS, to provide supporting evidence.

One very useful piece of supporting evidence is a 360 degree feedback (or multisource feedback - MSF) survey whereby confidential feedback data is collected from NHS colleagues who have worked closely with you and have seen you performing your role.

As your application for registration is assessed against the GMC's Good Medical Practice guidelines, a 360 which is based on these guidelines provides strong supporting evidence. 360isus Ltd has considerable experience in running these types of surveys.

The survey questionnaire collects feedback from your nominated NHS colleagues using a 30 item survey tool covering:

  1. Good practice (your current clinical work)
  2. Maintaining good practice (keeping up to date)
  3. Working with colleagues (team work)
  4. Relationships with patients
  5. Teaching and training
  6. Management/Leadership
  7. Probity and health

We recommend that you invite a minimum of 15 NHS Colleagues to complete your survey, in addition to you completing a self appraisal.

We also recommend that (where appropriate) you also invite 20 or more patients to provide feedback, using a 10 item survey questionnaire. This is usually conducted online but paper questionnaires can be used if patients do not have internet access.

The survey process is very simple. However, if you are not comfortable with using technology we can set up everything for you.

We do all the administration and chasing up of slow responders, and produce for you a comprehensive report - printed hardcopy and as a pdf report. Typically the survey process takes about 4 weeks from start to finish.

Contact us to start straight away.