We are looking to work with Nurse Practitioners / Advanced Clinicians / Nurse Clinicians to further develop Multi Source Feedback in this field.

We're sure you are aware, Multi-Source/360 degree Feedback for Consultants and Doctors has become a requirement for their revalidation and an invaluable tool for their continuing professional development (CPD). But why limit the use of this development tool to just doctors and line managers?

We have been working with NHS Trusts since 2002 and have begun running tailored surveys for Nurse Clinicians / Advanced Nurse Practitioners / Nurse Consultants / Clinical Nurse Specialists. Would you be interested in learning a little more about what might be offered for your specialist nurses to support their CPD?

We offer a range of services, covering:

  • Running surveys for individual nurses 
  • Optionally, facilitating their feedback, or training your people to do this 
  •  Optionally, providing user-friendly software for you to run your own surveys

 At the end of a project for a group of nurses we also provide an overall report for you which will show, for Clinical Governance purposes, the competence levels of the group as measured by feedback ratings.

The survey we use has been designed with the input of Nurse Clinicians to cover the issues and questions that they felt were important. We can use the same survey or work with you to design/modify a survey that suits the needs of your hospital.