Just as 360 degree feedback is valuable to the individual, it can also be used to develop departments.

We found that remarkably few HR departments take the initiative to ask their internal customers for structured feedback on their performance……something of oversight when we HR professionals offer advice to clients on training and development to enable them to raise their own performance.

We have developed a suite of questions that allow you to explore, via an online survey, how well you are contributing at a strategic HR level as well as helping you gather data about how your customers experience your services at the day-to-day level. The survey also helps you explore where there are gaps in your service offerings and to get suggestions about what you should consider as improvement actions.

Here's what one client said about us:

"We wanted a survey that was easy for HR to manage and the business to complete. It would use best practice but could be tailored to meet our needs - we didn't want to start from scratch. It needed to be low cost and quick - we only had one window of opportunity. Our book and circulation review [for a suitable tool] was limited, as was our internet search …. until we found 360 is us Ltd."

We ran surveys for 13 HR departments of this multi-divisional, multi-national company, turning around the process from initial design to final reports in 7 weeks.

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